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In recent years, several measures of children’s ECD status have been developed for large-scale use. Presently, however, no measures of population-level ECD have been validated specifically for children ages 0 to 3 across developing countries, making cross-national comparisons of developmental status and progress for the youngest – and potentially most vulnerable – children impossible. The Caregiver Reported Early Development Instruments (CREDI) was designed to fill this gap, serving as a population-level measure of early childhood development (ECD) for children from birth to age three. As the name suggests, the CREDI exclusively relies on caregiver reports, and thus primarily focuses on milestones and behaviors that are easy for caregivers to understand, observe, and describe.

In addition its reliance on caregiver reports, CREDI is uniquely supported by a community of collaborative scholars across many disciplines. Based at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, the CREDI team consists of researchers at many different career levels, disciplines, and universities. Created as an open-source tool, CREDI additionally relies upon feedback and materials provided by our users to increase the impact and availability of the instruments.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring collaborative use of the CREDI regardless of location or discipline. Thus far, our tool has been utiilzed in 26 countries with planned implementation in an additional 18. In many instances, our team has served as a bridge between researchers to ensure that research can be as streamlined and collaborative as possible. All materials that we have voluntarily collected from previous users are available across our website. If you have any questions about the implementation of the CREDI, please kindly see the Frequently Asked Questions section and our user guide. If you have materials you would like to share to improve the access of our tool or any questions that remain unanswered, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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